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  • Fine Art Hahnemüle paper
  • Archival quality print
  • Signed and dated on the front in the bottom right corner


  • Fine art print with a white border
  • Hahnemüle paper
  • Signed and dated in the bottom right corner
  • Optional black frame
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping
  • Get in touch for custom orders


Orders are printed on demand in The Netherlands at the time of ordering. So you order and pay for the print and I then arrange the production and shipping for you. This saves me from having to keep stock, while at the same time allowing me to offer a bigger variety of sizes and materials. It’s a win for both of us!

Because of this process, please allow up to 2 weeks for the products to arrive. I will try my best to ship out your precious Fine Art Prints as soon as I can though.


The available papers for the photo prints are Hahnemüle Rag (Matt) and Hahnemüle Baryta (Gloss). The prints come with a white border, though framed prints are printed without the border. Trust me, it looks nicer that way. This also means that framed prints will be signed and dated on the back of the frame.

Since we’re on the subject anyway, framed prints are mounted to 1mm thick aluminium and installed in a black wooden frame. The frames have no glass in front of the print so you get the best vision on the texture and quality of the paper. The mounting of the print makes it seem like it floats inside the frame. If this does not suit your style, or prefer to protect your print with a glass front, you can always order the Fine Art Print on the paper of your choosing and simply find a frame yourself.

Hahnemüle has been making fine art papers since 1584. Yes, that long. In that time they have focussed solely on making paper, so they know what they’re doing. All the prints from my store are made on these museum quality fine art archival papers. They will not fade, nor yellow and will look good for a very, very long time.

If you combine this paper with a quality frame, your print will definitely withstand the test of time.

About the photo

Ah, a photo of a lamppost. Cute. Oh but wait, it has a shadow too. And it falls right in the middle of that window behind it. Now that I mention it, those windows form a nice little pattern, don’t they?

The whole thing looks… old. Or not necessarily old but maybe dated? As if that building has been there for a while. Or at least the lamppost has. How old do lampposts generally get anyway…? Ten years, fifty years? A hundred? Nah, not a hundred, that’s ridiculous. Though it certainly could be from the looks of it, if it weren’t for that sticker. That sticker soils the fun.

You know what fun isn’t spoiled though?

Looking at this photo. It’s wonderfully mundane. Interesting in its simplicity. I could hang it on my wall and stare at it everyday. As a gentle reminder how simple daily life can be. How we are just existing, hanging around. How we should be content with that. As I imagine that lamppost is.

About Viewfinder

Viewfinder is an ongoing photography project that contains random work that doesn’t quite belong in any project. It’s an aggregation of images that deserve to have a home somewhere but are not necessarily related to each other.

Weight 380 kg

Fine Art Gloss, Fine Art Matt, Framed (with Fine Art Matt)


30x45cm, 40x60cm, 60x90cm


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