So many things1 min read

So many things. Emails keep stacking up. Reading that still needs to be done. Or rather, wants to be done. Nothing ever must be done, there’s always a choice. The option to not do things is always there.

Still, there are so many things that can be done. It’s a little hard to not feel an obligation to do them all. Not because I must, but more so because I want to. So many things.

Do they make sense? These things? Do they strengthen each other? Are they supporting a greater cause? Or do I scatter myself too much? I can’t tell. Not right now. Does that matter?

I’m having fun with it. I’m being cautious with it. I’m making informed decisions. I should be fine. Still, if there is indeed a greater cause, what then is the plan? I do not know. I’m sure things will unfold, eventually. They will present themselves as one. As long as I just keep doing things.

So many things.

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