Sometimes I worry I’m too focussed on the peripherals1 min read

Sometimes I worry I’m too focussed on the peripherals and not enough on the goal. Then again, you can’t go anywhere without proper infrastructure. A good question to ask yourself1 is:

Are you doing the work or are you just… working?

I’ve been so busy refining my website the past few weeks, that I forgot to take any photos. How can that be while the only reason the website exists in the first place is because I need a place for my photography. The website in itself does not serve a purpose at all. It’s a peripheral to my main goal: photography.

This is not a new perspective or idea2. These daily Monologues, for example, are not my greatest thinking or my most elevated thoughts. It’s probably nothing that you haven’t heard before. In my opinion it is still doing the work as I believe that actively going through the process is part of reaching the end goal. It’s okay to take a few wrong turns. Each step you take is still progress.

Hmmmm I might’ve gone too abstract with this. I tend to do that when I try to make a point. I’ll try to be more concrete next time.

  1. Myself ↩︎

  2. Most of mine aren’t. I’m trying to be more original with my thinking but I guess I still have a lot of generic thoughts to air out. ↩︎

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