149 | The goal is to go far, not fast

Mitchel Lensink
May 29, 2021
1 min read

Another ride today. Another quick one. And it’s a good thing I do these! The moment I drove off my chain fell off one of the tiny sprockets on the derailleur. Can you believe that? It never happened to me before.

I was a little confused what happened at first but noticed the culprit soon enough. I guess the combination of sprockets I chose caused it to fail. This probably means there’s too much room inside there but I didn’t have any issues further in the ride. Let’s treat is like an incident for now. The benefit of building up your own bike from scratch is that I now know pretty well how everything should function. Nevertheless, mechanics will do as they please so you have to keep a watchful eye.

Nevertheless, the ride was smooth again and I was feel good. I left the house in just a T-shirt, which felt like a mistake at first but I warmed up after 10 minutes on the bike. I did a little short of 15K in a little over 40 minutes this time. That’s perfectly fine to me. Eventually the goal is to go far, not fast.

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