112 | The One Two One test book was underwhelming

Mitchel Lensink
Apr 22, 2021
1 min read

Okay so, quick recap: the One Two One test book was definitely underwhelming. I’m redoing it and I’m making a proper photo book out of it. I’m also making it a square, as I should’ve done all along. This does mean that I have to redo the entire layout in the square format to make it fit.

It won’t be too much work though, as I now already know what my sequencing will be. I also won’t be needing to write anything. It should be breeze. Or a least more of a breeze than designing the original idea.

It’s a good thing my plans for tomorrow night fell through. Now I can spend the evening on figuring this thing out again. It’s time to make an end to it. It’s time to share the project with the world. Time for the next step.

But mostly, right now, it’s time to rest.

Hasta mañana.

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