068 | The other day somebody asked me

Mitchel Lensink
Mar 9, 2021
1 min read

The other day somebody asked me how my photography business was doing. I didn’t know what to tell them. My business is doing terrible, I’m doing fine? Do I want to get into explaining why that is? Do I care to elaborate? Of course I could just say that taking corporate portraits made me miserable and weren’t the reason why I started taking photos in the first place. I also don’t want to sound like some slacker who quits the moment things get a little difficult.

It’s a balancing act but I should remain aware of my motivations. I’m sure I’m no slacker as I work harder for myself then I could ever do for a client1 but at the same time I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself as well.

Today I was shooting photos at an event2 and somebody asked me what type of photography I like to do. I couldn’t come up with a concise answer. I felt bad because the answer more or less was: I don’t know yet. I didn’t want to say that because why the hell was I photographing their event then? Still, the answer should’ve been something along the lines of my newfound focus on documentary photography and why I started taking photos in the first place.

Those words did not surface quickly enough for me to say them at that time. I think I need some more practice perfecting my elevator pitch. I’ll get there.

  1. Sorry clients. ↩︎

  2. An online event and yes, it’s a commercial job but I still owed that to someone. ↩︎

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