302 | Sitting by the door

Mitchel Lensink
Oct 29, 2021
1 min read

This man was sitting by the door aaaaalll day. Literally, the delivery could come between 9AM and 9PM so I stayed in until the package came. Which was at 8AM. Of course it was.

Anyway, I bought a new MacBook right after the new one's dropped and ever since I've been looking forward to this moment. Not that this new machine would be revolutionary for anything I do but I just couldn't wait to give my workflow a significant performance boost. And oh boy it certainly boosts. This story is, of course, coming straight to you from the new machine. Do you notice anything different? Nah, me neither. But it does feel nice to have a machine that can keep up with my thought-processes.

That's the most significant thing that's happened today so that also ends todays entry. Bye now.

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