091 | This week I'm sprinting (pt. 4)

Mitchel Lensink
Apr 1, 2021

Almost done! I did forget to add ‘do final checks’ to my to do list, which is a lot more work than I initially realised. In any case, I think I’m looking at a final product now! The cover needs another look but to make that hold any value, that needs a different day. I am absolutely crossing it off the list though.

In other news, making books in fun and I am definitely turning these Monologues into one as well. I better put in the effort everyday to make them worthwhile! Also, working out is going solid and I’m now on a two-week streak of three workouts per week minimum.

Now without further ado, enjoy the updated to do list.

To do

  • cover
  • intro
  • font
  • layout
  • outro
  • test book

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