257 | Tinkering, releasing, producing, synthesizing, vacationing

Mitchel Lensink
Sep 14, 2021
1 min read

I can’t stop tinkering. I just can’t I’m a little too excited. Possibly for nothing. Nevertheless, I tinker and thinker on. Indefinitely. We’ve all been disappointed before, lord knows we have. Despite that, perhaps in full blown naiveness, I’m excited all over again.

So much so in fact, that I can feel the tension increasing in my throat when I’m working on stuff. Like something is slowly firming its grip around my oesophagus, only willing to let go once something of significance happens. There’s hope on the horizon though. I can feel the impending relief that’s bound to happen now. It has to happen now, right?

The next few days will be marked by finishing up work and then producing some more again on Friday and Saturday. Then synthesising that work on Sunday, hopefully finishing it up before our flight to Spain on Monday. The second Monday hits, I will not be thinking about any work for the 11 days that follow. I promise myself that. It’s not Monday yet though.

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