Today I had my first client shoot in months2 min read

Today I had my first client shoot in months. It’s been a while and that has been a good thing. When I say this I’m not counting the work I still do for the local paper. That’s routine at this point though so it’s not as mentally challenging as other shoots.

Which also reveals my point, I find it quite a bit harder to work for other people these days. This has always been the case when comparing to personal work. I just notice that I used to enjoy doing this type of work way more than I do now.

I guess it’s a good thing. I’m focussing more on my own ideas. It’s more creatively fulfilling and, hopefully, more rewarding in the end as well. I still like doing a job for other people here and there. I now know it can no longer be the only thing I do.

Today’s shoot was for my friends so it’s not like that’s the most demanding client-work. Better yet, I can hardly call it client-work. Nevertheless I still try to approach it like that. Usually that betters the outcome as well.

Which leads me to me think, should I treat my own projects as actual work as well? This has been my state of mind for a while now but lately I try to be more unburdened by allowing myself to wander. It sure makes me feel better, as I can feel my stresslevels lowering considerably.

But, does it make my work better as well?

Should I mark specific moments in my agenda to work on my project? Should I make a proper planning? Perhaps it’s not enough to just work on stuff whenever I feel like it. How many times have I started something I wasn’t looking forward to, only to be happy I did when I finish. I don’t know, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Ah well, another incoherent story with a few loose points. I should definitely work on improving my thought process and structure when I write these. My mind’s not all there at the moment so it’s a challenge.

I’ll do better soon. I promise.

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