Today will be just a quick update1 min read

Today will be just a quick update. I have added the miniature photo project I shot the other week to my Projects page. It also has a separate page of course. I also decided on a name1: Winter Allotment.

It’s not a fancy name but the project itself isn’t fancy as well and it’s descriptive of the exact contents. I think it works.

I’m also working on an idea for my next issue of my newsletter, Dialogue. If you havent’ read the first issue, you can do so by visiting the archive.

Next to that, I’m thinking about making Dialogue’s release schedule sort of monthly. It should be doable to write something interesting each month. That also helps create a bigger backlog so people can have a look what it’s all about before subscribing. Don’t pin me down on in though.

Finally, I want to upgrade the navigation on my website but I’m having trouble building a mega menu. Does anybody have a good example of a mega menu they like? You can send it my way. Then again, maybe I’m putting too much thought in simple stuff like that.

  1. For now, you know me ↩︎

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