254 | Two things (again)

Mitchel Lensink
Sep 11, 2021
1 min read

I’m sitting in an Indian restaurant and I truly appreciate the pragmatism that rules here. The food is great, though not overly decorated. The service is polite and quick but without the fuss. You sit down and they immediately offer you a free started or papadum and dips. And with ‘offer’ I don’t mean that they ask if you’d like anything. They just put it down, assuming you’ll be accepting. If your plate is empty — or it seems like you’ve finished eating — they’ll just grab it saying ‘can I take it?’, already presuming they’re correct. They offer you something to drink and once you finish it, take the glass almost instantly. They don’t offer a new drink right away though. You can ask if you want it, can’t you? Cutlery? You can reuse it. Why give you new ones every course? That just puts strain on the kitchen, which isn’t pragmatic at all. Though if you ask, they’ll bring you everything in duplicates within seconds. Everything is nice, smooth and straight to the point. I love it.

The other thing. I attended the second Unmute Us today. Apparently, the first one didn’t have the intended result, so we’re taking to the street again. A good photographic exercise for me, as it was challenging to take different pictures compared to last time. I think I succeeded but I’ll have to see the results on the big screen to make the final verdict.

Now I’m slowly sinking into a near-comatose state, nearly awake enough to drag my weary body home.

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