We’re going to Spain. But not yet.1 min read

Just booked a flight to Spain for the 20th of September. An actual flight. Can you believe it? Fingers crossed we’ll be able to go there in a world that’s somewhat normal. It’s still a few months from now. Who knows?

Fingers crossed.
Fingers crossed.

In other news, did I mention I grabbed the domain name ontluiking.nl? Didn’t I? Ah, well you can take a quick look to get a glimpse of what’s (hopefully) yet to come. It’s filled with dummy text and photos but there’s a general layout. A sneak peak of the thing that’s been bubbling for months now.

Yes, I know I’m being very vague but I can only go into depth when there is something more to share than vague ideas. I’ll probably shouldn’t be sharing this with y’all at all but I just can’t contain my excitement.

Okay okay, where were we? Ah Viewfinder Magazine. Let’s get back to it. See you tomorrow folks.

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