104 | What's a man to do with a deadline?

Mitchel Lensink
Apr 14, 2021
1 min read

What’s a man to do when everything that could be done has been done? Is he then done? Of course he is not. Why would a man be done when his life is not done. There’s more time, more things to see, experience.

So, why would a man stress over a deadline? If he is never done, a deadline isn’t at all dead. There’s no end at that line. No death. It’s merely a pause. A moment to reflect. A quick stop on an everlasting journey.

Deadlines are mirages. Non existent. The only deadline is true death and nobody escapes the crossing of that line. Let alone influence it.

In the meantime, the journey has no rush. It does not wait, nor leave you behind. The journey is the friend. The pauses along the way are for introspection. For gratitude.

I need some sleep. See you tomorrow.

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