128 | Yesterday was bad but the future is very bright

Mitchel Lensink
May 8, 2021
1 min read

Okay, so to answer yesterday’s question, yes the quote-type post was a very bad idea. Nobody liked it. No literally, almost nobody gave it a Like lol. I thought about deleting the post as soon as I noticed how bad it was performing but then I thought to myself: “wait a minute, why did I even want to share this?”.

The answer to that question is because I care about my own writing and I want to share that with the people who care to listen. Apparently, that’s not very many people at this time but that’s okay. Sure it takes away some of the fun knowing that I’m possibly doing this all for nothing. Nevertheless, I still enjoy penning down my thoughts on a regular basis and I will not quit doing that.

In fact, I’ll probably post another quote again in the future.

Now with that out of the way, let me elaborate a little on some other things. First of all, this website that I’ve been building out and tinkering with for the past year is now starting to look like something I can be happy with for the foreseeable future. I’m happy with the color palette, the typography, the spacing of the elements, the functionality. It’s a project I’m pretty proud of.

Yes, webdesign is very subjective and as I continue learning new things, I’ll continue tinkering with it. BUT I will try to not touch its core too much anymore. The plan was never to be a webdesigner. I just want a nice home for my photography and writing and it fulfils that role now. I’m happy!

This also means that I now need to face the actual challenge, which is doing cool things and making cool stuff so that I have something to share in the first place. What this will be exactly is still to be determined. I have some thoughts and ideas that I want to get into more, which I will elaborate on in my next issue of Dialogue, which is coming up soon (subscribe if you haven’t).

In any case, I feel like I’m now in a comfortable position where I can focus on creating but mostly, not at all unimportantly, focus on just living. I have sort of figured out how I want to do things, now I just need to do them.

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