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You know what I just did? Well, not ‘I’ but rather, ‘we’. We’ve sent an email. Yes, you read it here first. The first draft of a long term project-proposal has been written. Some first ideas. A pitch, if you will.

Though, to be completely honest, those first ideas are rather extensive. We’ve talked it over quite a bit. There’s some good stuff in there. Yes I’m being intentionally vague right now.

I realise this is yet another project I’m talking about in these Monologues. All the other ones I’ve mentioned before are more like practice though. Practice for when it really matters. This upcoming project might be one that really matters.

That does not mean it will be one that takes up all our time and energy. Noooooo not at all. This one is for the long run. The one that needs its sweet time. One that you just kind of have to let unfold by itself.

All we did is set some axioms for ourselves. Some guidelines. A few goals. A few things to avoid. That’s all. It’s all written down. It’s decided.

We are going to do this.

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