You might want a personal changelog and a proper bio1 min read

Despite my website being generally done for the most part, there are always little bits and pieces that can be improved and expanded. Most of the ideas for these things I’m stealing from other people but I don’t think there’s no harm in that.

I came across this idea by Brian Lovin, who keeps a personal changelog. It’s a timeline of his biggest accomplishments and other things of significance he’s done and I really liked that idea. It’s a little more expansive than the one sentence elevator pitch you tell new people but not as difficult to digest as a blogpost. Or even a project page, because even those require quite a bit of cognitive processing power to understand. A changelog is a good way to share your timeline of significant things, placing everything into perspective and providing context around yourself.

If you combine that personal changelog with a proper ‘about me’, you can give interested people a fairly quick, though thorough, overview of who you are and what you do. Not coincidentally, that’s the second thing I’m working on.

These things take time to do properly though so I don’t have anywhere to point you just yet. Writing a bio about myself has always been difficult but I’m committed to doing it properly now. Sure it might seem trivial but having a proper website is far from trivial so I will approach it with great care and attention. And with those pretentious words, I’m out for today.

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