203 | A desk was never really your thing anyway

Mitchel Lensink
Jul 22, 2021
1 min read

Falling asleep in the afternoon. It’s never the plan. It overtakes you. One moment you’re happily editing photos on your iPhone, the next moment you feel your eyes becoming heavier and heavier until you can’t do anything but close them. Just for a second. That won’t hurt, won’t it?

Then, two and a half hours later, you’re back to happily editing on your iPhone. It’s a strange occurrence; not one you’ve had to deal with much before. Lately though, things have been a little different. To be fair, you used to edit photos on the computer behind your desk but ever since that pesky pain you feel when using a computer mouse too long, you try to stay clear of that. The syncing between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile are pretty good as well so why not use the iPhone to move some work away from the desk. A desk was never really your thing anyway.

The problems begin when you choose other less than ideal spots to edit photos on your phone. At first, you sit down in a chair at the dinner table. Another active position to do active work. You then transport yourself to the sofa, as why wouldn’t you make yourself comfortable as well? Then you slowly start to default to sitting upright in the bed, the comfiest of places in your home. Which quickly turns to laying down in your bed. Well, you’ve did this all to yourself, haven’t you? It might not be the plan but you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re falling asleep in the afternoon.

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