My name is Mitchel Lensink and I used to sell jeans. Before that I sold fruits and veggies but these days I mainly sell my skills. I know right? So entrepreneurial. 

Photography is my main thing but I do a bunch of other stuff too, like daily writing in the form of Monologues and documenting ordinary life for my project Do You Register?.

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    One of my less serious ventures is curating playlists. Mostly for my own enjoyment, though I also enjoy it when other people do. I’m not a self-proclaimed music tastemaker, snob, critic, whatever you want to call it, by any means. I’m merely an enthusiast, a consumer if you will, that likes to create playlists so that I don’t have to think about what I’m listening to every time.

    Endless Cycle

    I currently have two playlists I’m sufficiently happy with that I dare to share them here. The first one is called Endless Cycle (you can follow along on Spotify here) and mostly contains songs that are way too long and monotonous for most people but that’s exactly what I like. I update it semi-regularly.

    The subtitle is ‘songs to ride your bike to’ and, in my opinion, this is the perfect background music to keep you going on those long bike-rides. It’s endless tunes that never get distracting while always remaining pleasant. Though those two go hand in hand most of the time anyway. Oh and don’t feel obliged to ride your bike while listening to this playlist. I play it during a variety of activities as well. It’s okay.

    After the party

    The second playlist is called After The Party (give it a follow on Spotify) and is mostly down-tempo R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Electronic music. It’s a little bit of everything but it’s always slooooww. I update it only when I feel like it.

    If that’s not your type of thing, try listening to it on an afterparty. You know, those ones where you actually need to go to sleep but you just don’t want the evening to end. Alternatively, this works as very good background music as well (you see how a trend for background-able music starts to emerge here). 

    So that’s it as far as music goes for me. Of course I listen to many other things but I think these two playlist sum up quite well what my day-to-day vibe is. If you can relate, perhaps we should vibe (sorry I went there) sometime as well.


    If you care about this stuff, this is the list of cameras and lenses I use to get the job done.

    • The Fujifilm X100V should be my secondary body but it’s mostly my main body at the moment. The compact form factor with the 23mm is all I need for most of my work.
    • The Fujifilm X-E3 comes out in case I need a different focal length from the 23mm on the X100V. It’s not uncommon for me do dual-wield these two cameras for ultimate flexibility.
    • The XF 35mm f2 is the first lens I bought for the X-system and I will never sell it. I take this with me when I need to take portraits but use it on the street a lot as well.
    • The XF 18mm f2 comes with me every time I want something a little wider than the X100V’s lens. It’s great for documentary and street photography.

    And these are all the peripherals I use.

    • The LaCie 5TB USB-C HDD has never failed me. The storage capacity is large enough for me to last a year or two.
    • The Tiffen BLACK PRO-MIST 1/4 filter is attached to my x100V at all times.
    • A MacBook Pro 13 inch is my daily driver. I still use the 2016 model but recommend to get the newest one whenever you can. The 13 inch version is big enough to do work on the road and small enough to make it easy to carry.
    • I use an LG 27 inch 4K USB-C external monitor to give me extra screen real estate when I’m working at home.
    • I combine the MacBook and the external monitor with Apple’s Magic Keyboard and a Logitech MX Master 3.

    Get in touch

    So you want to get in touch? That’s awesome!

    You can find my socials below so you can always send me a message there. If that’s your cup of tea. It’s probably better to just use the form below to send me an email though. I’m pretty good at responding to them so I usually have a reply ready within a day or so.