193 | An interesting congregation of vegetation

Mitchel Lensink
Jul 12, 2021
2 min read

What now? Another ‘About The Photo’ today? That makes two in a row. Is that even allowed? Well, if you are scrambling for topics to talk about for your daily updates and you enjoy writing these little dissections, then it sure is allowed.

I also really enjoy looking closely at my own pictures and finding words for the things my eyes were first drawn to when I came across a scene. Seemingly uninteresting things can hide amazing stories if you allow yourself to see them.

And without the furthest sight of an ado, here are my thoughts:

That’s... an interesting congregation of vegetation.

I mean, those hedges make sense. They belong there. In fact, they can be found practically everywhere. That bamboo though... and those big palmy leaves. Nah, that’s definitely something alien. Definitely not a common sight in The Netherlands. Then, glancing over at the curb at the bottom of the photo, it appears all this flora grows on the same property as well. I guess somebody likes their environments as eclectic as possible.

Talking about eclecticity,1 this photo homes quite a few different textures. First the blue sky with those puffy clouds, indicating that this is definitely taken on a warm summer day. Secondly, of course, those rampant bamboo sprouts taking up a solid section of the composition. Nicely balancing next to those fanning palm leaves.

Then, suddenly, that sign sticking its head(?) up from behind the hedge. Why is that fence on that person’s property? Why isn’t it in the public domain like it’s supposed to? If it was, we would’ve been able to see the pole it rests on. Instead, it’s hidden in the bush, merely revealing the essentials. A warning for the viewer. For what though?

As we move our eyes down the hedge we’ve referenced quite a bit by now, our vision rests on the neatly places bricks on the ground. Ah! This must be some kind of parking space then. Or at least it was, before the sign specifically forbade it. And it counts for both ways as well. A very rigorous sign this is. Oh, what if, and I’m guessing here, this person wanted to reserve that parking space for themselves? Simply placing a sign at the edge of their property, warning any possible takers that this parking space is not for the public. I’m not sure this is the case but in my head, it could be true. That’s good enough for me.

  1. Another word I just now made up. ↩︎

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