312 | As a now proud owner of an Apple Watch I have noticed a trend

Mitchel Lensink
Nov 8, 2021
1 min read

As a now proud owner of an Apple Watch (let me finish, this won't get technical! Promised.) I have noticed a trend slowly starting to develop itself. This evening was one of the most extreme examples recorded of this developing trend so far. Just as I rode my bike up to my home, I glanced over at the Watch's screen and noticed I was on 86% of my, admittedly already modest, Movement goal.

Usually, I wouldn't have thought twice about this and just parked my bike to prepare myself for winding down. Safely stowing myself away for the day in a cozy sweater in a nook of the couch. With this tiny computer now on my wrist, I can't help but feel a sense of responsibility to complete its fitness goals, no matter how small or otiose they might seem. No matter how hard you try to not let that device have any control over your life, deep down inside you know that accomplishing those small goals every day will add up to noticeable results over time.

So when I stood there on the sidewalk staring at that screen, I made the decision to not quite finish my day just yet. Those final 14% had to be added to the goal I've set for myself when I first setup the Watch. Therefore my feet got back on the pedals immediately upon that realisation and before I knew it I was on a random final lap around my neighbourhood. A couple of minutes of intense cycling later, I returned home for real. The Watch showing 98% on my Movement goal.

Still not good enough, of course, so after storing away my bike I decided to run up all five floors to my apartment. After closing the door and giving the cats a good petting, I finally looked at a solid 100%. And the best part? I still had time in the day to spare for that cozy sweater.

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