211 | Coming home

Mitchel Lensink
Jul 30, 2021
1 min read

Dissipating sunshine makes way for thunderous clouds and vigorous winds. An already bleak light is slowly replaced by ominous darkness. What already was a dreary day is quickly turning into a perilous night. But that’s merely the weather.

The mood, oh my the mood. It could not be more relaxed. Not more sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. No dreariness or peril to be found. Everything is going great.

There’s control over the mind, body and energy. Is it the tunes coming out of my speaker? Or is it the long-overdue workout session from this afternoon? Perhaps it’s the extremely comfortable hoody I dressed myself in. Either way I’m levitating.

The wind is now steadily strengthening as the darkness falls upon the day. What’s that, lightning in de distance? Time to put the phone down. Turn the internet off. Raise the volume of the music. Drink one final beer. Then it’s off to bed. Fully satisfied and succeeded.

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