111 | De Lens Loves You

Mitchel Lensink
Apr 21, 2021
1 min read

I started posting to Instagram again, which is funny considering my plea for leaving the platform a few weeks ago. The thing that changed is: I have something to sell now. Nevertheless, I am automating the process as much as possible. Which means I’ll be scheduling posts so I won’t have to deal with the platform too much.

As my initiation, I’ll be promoting my fine art prints and accompanying them with a few words to tell the story behind the photographs. I figured those might double as Monologues. They’re also right at home on the product pages, which at first I didn’t bother to write the stories for. If you’re keeping count: that’s three birds with one stone!

Without further ado, here’s what I wrote for the first post:

“Hi everybody! Welcome to De Lens Loves You.

A project without a clear destination yet. As in, I have no idea where this is currently going but I like the name so I’m rolling with it.

It will probably be a subdivision of my De Lens ventures, focussed on the products I make. This could be anything ranging from the camera straps (Qord Amsterdam under a new name, with new designs) I’ve made before, to fine art prints or apparel. At this time, it will be nothing more than this Instagram page (the link in bio redirects to my shop)

For the next few days, I will start by sharing some of my favorite fine art prints which are, not coincidentally, my favorite photographs as well. I’ll try to share a few words along with every shot too. Though this one will go without any, as this caption is long enough already.


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