175 | Going through the motions and a rediscovery

Mitchel Lensink
Jun 24, 2021
1 min read

I’ve been really putting myself through the motions lately.1 I promised myself I would get a day off today. A day for myself to sit and digest the latest of occurrences. Especially after the full day I had yesterday. It was a wonderful prospect to have.

Despite that, this morning I found myself packing my cameras again. So here I go again; riding the winds of change after work. Hunting for the shot that gives me that feeling. That fulfilling feeling of accomplishment when I can say “yes, I most definitely still got it”. I think I succeeded.

Now I’m resting my weary body on the sofa while listening to the new Azekel single. Something I only bumped into when I opened my Twitter app for a quick scroll.2 I remember meeting Azekel for a quick minute when he was selling CDs (remember those?) after his show in Paradiso. He was the supporting act for BANKS at the time and I was blown away by his music. It was so good. I also told him and the band that, no worries. He only had his first EP out then and I bought a copy on the spot. I must still have it somewhere. The strange thing is, I never really listened to his music after that. I gave him a follow on Twitter and that’s it. I just never… bothered? Sorry ‘Zeke (I can call him ‘Zeke) I know it’s strange of me.

Until this afternoon when I clicked on the video in his tweet. Those few seconds pulled me right back in. Now I’m listening to his discography in reverse chronological order and form a proper opinion on it. So far it sounds like this deserves a place in my regular rotation. No surprises there, obviously, so now I feel kinda sad I didn’t listen to this all the time since 2015. Ah well, better late than never. As is the case with so many things.

  1. Can I get a ‘no shit boy 😆’. ↩︎

  2. Old habits die hard. ↩︎

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