216 | Kallumaan: one photo a day

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 4, 2021
1 min read

I’ve decided to make my monologues the next few days more photo heavy again. Yesterday sparked the idea and it’s a good trend to continue considering I’ll be away from home.

So what am i doing then?

I’m joining my friends to the camping ‘Kallumaan’ in the ‘Noord Oost Polder’ as we know it in The Netherlands. They have two DJ gigs to play and I’m joining to take photos. Though, it’s mostly about catching a vibe in this corona-barren wasteland that is our society right now.

I’ll be home again on Friday. Until then I’m making things a little easier for myself by restricting myself to a few words and a photo. Thank god for the impeccable Fujifilm JPEGS that make this possible.

Here’s today’s incredibly vibrant shot:

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