200 | 201 days of uninterrupted daily writing and still going strong

Mitchel Lensink
Jul 19, 2021
1 min read

Continuing the trend from yesterday, which was day 200(!) in this Monologue series by the way, we enjoy the day as much as we can again. That this means you leave your house at 19:15 for the first time does not bother you that much. In fact, you’ve enjoyed the office day from home a lot. The weekend has brought many social interactions and as a proper introvert, you need some time to recharge.

And recharging you will. The camera is a constant factor and it will remain that so when you set off, it’s to take a photo. You are blessed enough to have a local newspaper willingly accepting your work. You use that opportunity to build up a proper report and to further your notoriety so that, hopefully one day, you can say that word, notoriety, without secretly feeling like a poser. You take the shot swiftly but surely. It’s one of your better ones in the series.

You pack up your gear, kick your bike into its highest and speed off. Time to catch sunset at a friend’s house. Upon arrival you pretty much immediately unpack your camera again and blast off an unreasonable amount of shots in the direction of the young cat present. Yes, that’s right, you find yourself at the same friend’s as yesterday. This time though, she’s making burgers and fries so it’s a whole different energy again.

Upon arrival at your home you sit down behind your computer to upload the photos from today to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, allowing you to edit the shots on the go on your phone at a later time. You then rest your still weary body on your bed. On top of the blankets, because it’s not time to sleep yet. You still need to complete today’s story. And with that, we conclude 201 days of Monologues.

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