155 | An energy rollercoaster

Mitchel Lensink
Jun 4, 2021
1 min read

I woke up this morning feeling rested for the first time this week. Perhaps it was the sudden heat we got to experience (and enjoy!) but my quality of sleep had been severely lacking. This morning though, I felt the clarity of mind that I’ve been searching for all week.

This sadly didn’t benefit my energy levels at all that afternoon. I could hardly keep my eyes open enough to stare out the window to the sunshine.

Thankfully (thankfully!) The moment my feet touched my bicycle pedals to ride home, I felt something. A resurgence of earlier moods. A deflection of the mind fog that had gained control of me up until then. My evening was lovely. As a matter of fact, it still is.

Now I’m out here on my balcony with my two cats, watching the rain roll into the city. Drinking a rose wine I got on a promotion that’s surprisingly well rounded. Blasting my favorite playlist. What more can I ask for?

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