167 | By the water and back

Mitchel Lensink
Jun 16, 2021
1 min read

By the water, across from my home, I sit down and look around. My camera dormantly slung around my torso. A solid 30 degrees Celsius scorch my unprotected skin and the first signs of thirst start to emerge. I look at my camera and think about the new JPEG settings I wanted to test. I then look up at the harsh sunlight and the scooters wizzing by and reconsider.

Why did I leave the house in the first place?

Not so much to take photos, I’m pretty sure about that. Perhaps to escape the safe confinement of my apartment. Maybe even more to connect with the outside world. Probably a combination of those. Just a quick walk around the block, following the river up to the next bridge. That would be all.

Now that the bridge is in sight, I’m not sure I want to return home yet. Though, admittedly, the heat is a lot to bare. I don’t know, perhaps I’m overthinking this whole thing again. I should just shoot some photos and see how those JPEG settings look. That’s what I wanted to do, right?

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