278 | Deep work and progress

Mitchel Lensink
Oct 5, 2021
1 min read

Hello from the other side of an afternoon of deep work. As much as I love being out creating new things, sometimes you need to sit down and process that work as well. Today was one of those days. Lord know things have been the other way around so I feel very blessed!

De Ontluiking will continue very soon. The words have been written and the photos have now been processed. And, exciting news, a video is also in the works. We’ll see how that all comes together when we move this thing to its own website (we’re still running this all from a page on my personal one). For now though, chapter two will remain on the old format and will be released sometime this week. Come Friday I have a meeting to discuss further possibilities, so hopefully this will also be the last chapter that we release this way. Fingers crossed.

When that is all taken care of, I’ll try to find time to process my work from Spain too. I can’t wait to look at what I produced again with fresh eyes! Anyway, I see on my phone that there’s a small window of opportunity where there’s no rain coming from the sky so I’m going to seize that one. Talk soon, talk soon.

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