236 | Expanding my horizons one loop at a time

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 24, 2021
1 min read

My loops are getting bigger and bigger. Every outing in the same direction ends up being further than the previous one. A good development! Today after work, I drove off in the wrong direction again, to expand on my previous outing. Taking an extra left where I would’ve called it quits last time. Then feeling good and adding another left turn where turning right meant returning home. A wonderful little loop of (checks Strava data) almost 17km that took about (checks Strava data again) 50 minutes to complete. That’s not a big ride at all but it was the perfect size to squeeze in mid-day.

Home again I felt energized, less restless and good about my decision. During the ride I noticed how far along the water you can actually cruise and it left me wondering how far you can go before the path diverges from the canal. A quick pan around the map soon revealed that the cycling path alongside the canal I was riding on, stretches itself all the way to the very end of the canal itself; where that then spills into (of maybe it starts there?) one of the bigger rivers of the country. Following that path along the canal in its entirety only takes about two hours as well! Guess how far my next loop will be.

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