140 | Here I go again, Fujifilm JPEGs

Mitchel Lensink
May 20, 2021
1 min read

Here I go again. Trying the JPEG thing, again. Will it be be good enough for me? Will it satisfy my needs? Is the benefit of not having to edit my images worth the trade-off of having no control afterwards? Am I good enough at photography yet…?

The day revolved around a citytrip to Rotterdam and I know by now that I never produce my greatest work on these trips. That’s fine because not everything revolves around photography but that also means I don’t want to sit down to edit these photos for hours afterwards. So, Fujifilm JPEGS; will they fulfill my needs?

To answer that question I need to ask myself: what are my needs? For these kind of trips, it’s not making photoprint-worthy shots. It’s not building out a long-term project. It’s not standing on the same corner for half an hour to wait for the shot to happen. It’s simply to document the day. The moment as we lived it.

That also means that a JPEG might just do a good enough job. It also allows me to mis a shot every now and then. There’s no pressure. It should be fine.

An already noticeable big benefit is that I can export a quick flick straight from the camera to my phone on the train ride home. Perhaps that alone makes it already worth it. One day, some day, I’ll be good enough with this camera, have a good enough eye, to shoot en perfect frame in-camera. Until then, this shot below is the best I can do.

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