083 | I have a name for the black & white squares photo project

Mitchel Lensink
Mar 24, 2021
1 min read

Well won’t you look at that. All it took was an afternoon by myself in a distraction-free environment. I now have an outro written for the black & white squares project and I’ve settled on a name. All that’s left to do is write an intro and finish up the design of the book.

But first, about that name... Can I get a drumroll please?

I decided to call the project:

One Two One

Which can also be stylised as 1:1. Go ahead and say it out loud, I’ll wait. And...? Does it make sense?

Not coincidentally, 1:1 is also the aspect ratio of all the images in the book. If you take the concept even further you could say that 1 + 2 + 1 equals 4, which is the maximum amount of pictures I’ve placed on each page to form some sort of meta-level square image. That’s not something I want to dive into too much though. It’s there, but people should be able to dissect that by looking at it themselves. Or not, that’s also fine.

I thought about making the shape of the book a square as well but ultimately decided against it for numerous reasons I don’t care to get into right now.

Finally, I wrote quite a few words that will be included throughout the book and plan on writing a few more as well. This project isn’t super serious and it’s definitely not my first official photo book. It is something I’m proud of though. It was and still is a very good learning process. Once I’m ready to make an actual book for the general public, at least I’ll have some knowledge on how to do so.

That’s pretty much the biggest accomplishment of my day so I’m calling it one as well.


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