152 | I was having trouble keeping my eyes open

Mitchel Lensink
Jun 1, 2021
1 min read

I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. Perhaps it was the hayfever. Maybe it was because I didn’t sleep too well last night. Nevertheless, my day was filled with many appointments, which felt like hurdles to overcome at the time of my rising in the morning. All I wanted was to sit on my balcony, enjoying the sun.

Little did I know that didn’t happen. Not today.

After I finished work at 1 PM (technically 10 minutes earlier as I couldn’t sit inside any longer), my first appointment was around 3 PM to meet for drinks downtown. A simple ordeal, in theory, but my apparent exhaustion made it seem like a big deal in my head.

I was a fool for thinking that.

The outdoor air, the sunshine, the vibrancy of inner city life, some good company, it brought me back to life. After that wrapped up, I did some grocery shopping and received a text message:

Are you up for drinks after I finish work?

It was now 7:15 PM. How could I now say no?

So I drove over to Van Zanten to meet up again and sat down in the scorching hot afternoon sun. Ready to celebrate this Dutch summer as long as it lasts. Which was until I received another message:

I’m heading to that one bench right outside the city to celebrate this Dutch summer while it lasts, are you coming with?”

This man read my mind, of course I’m in! We quickly ordered a large bowl of nachos and cheese to down before getting up. This would eventually serve as my dinner. Not the dinner I preferred but the one I could last a few more hours on.

That lonely bench, removed from the city, proved itself to be the ultimate closer of a very fine day. A day I did not have in mind when I got up. A day that could only happen because I allowed it to happen. And now it’s over. I’m munching on some olives I had in the fridge while I’m typing this. It’s time for bed.

Or maybe… just one episode of New Girl on the beamer in the bedroom? That also counts as bed right? Sure it does.

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