306 | I write better in the mornings and I read better at night

Mitchel Lensink
Nov 2, 2021
1 min read

Here's a thought: I write better in the mornings and I read better at night. The reason for that, is that my mind in the morning is still unscattered from the hectics of a day. In the morning, I'm still zoned into my own thoughts and ideas and have not been polluted yet with external influences. This ultimately helps me better structure my thoughts, which leads to better writing. At night, I'm mostly tired and worn down by the day and have experienced too many different things to still focus on internal processes.

It has been a challenge to write on a daily basis for this project. On some days, I wrote my stories in the morning. Mostly when I had something in particular I wanted to share. Which wasn't that often. Which means that on most days, the writing had to be done in the evening; after I experienced enough things to talk about. Paradoxically, it's those same experiences that make it harder for me to focus my thoughts and formulate a cohesive story. Even now I can feel the effects of the day working on me.

As I'm typing the sentences, my mind wanders to the events from this afternoon, wondering if there is something that I should incorporate into the story right now. There isn't anything in particular worth mentioning but I still have to wonder to eliminate the possibility. I'm much better off writing about things when I've had some time to process them say, after a good night's sleep. Ah well, the end of the year is creeping up on us quickly now and this'll be all over soon. I better make the best of it and enjoy it while it lasts.

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