280 | One of the last ones this year

Mitchel Lensink
Oct 7, 2021
1 min read

A foggy morning foreshadows a sunny day. The cold October air tickles my face and leaves a refreshing feeling in my nose. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with the cold fall-like air. This is Holland. This is where I spend my days.

The contractor is steadily hammering away on our roof. Sawing and hammering. Until he comes down to report on his work. Let’s hope that leakage is finally fixed once and for all now. We’ll need it the coming months. The wettest months of the year. Especially here.

Not today though. Through the thinning fog, a watery sun is fighting its way through. Every now and then, I can feel a warm ray of light stroke my face. Today will be one of the last light-filled days of the year. A strange realisation, considering we have many days left, of course, but a true one. Soon, the days will become shorter and shorter, darker and darker, until all we have left is the warm comfort of our homes and loved ones to keep us sane.

In all honesty, that idea does not scare me at all. My body is ready. My mind is ready. My camera is aching to return to black and white imagery again. A tradition in the coldest months. But none of that is happening today. This is the day we load up on Vitamine D as much as we can, while we can. Today is October 7th 2021.

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