008 | Photo editing vibes on Friday night

Mitchel Lensink
Jan 8, 2021
2 min read

I sit down after a long day at the office. I open my Heineken and drink it straight from the 33cl can. Today is not a glass-type of day.

I take a first, refreshingly invigorating, sip.

I turn off Night Shift and True Tone on my iPhone to let my eyes adjust for what I’m about to do. I need proper color accuracy.

I open the Spotify app and type in ‘Frank Ocean Cayendo’. I hit play on the top hit and set the song to repeat. I let it all pour out of the tiny speakers of the tiny computer I’m holding in my hands. Tonight is not a headphones-type of night.

Frank Ocean croons the line ‘Si esto no me ha partío’, ya no me partiré nunca’. I’ll have to look up what that means but it feels right.

I then browse to my App Library and look for Lightroom Mobile CC. My editing app of choice. A few days ago, I’ve set myself up for this moment and synced any fresh photographs on my MacBook to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. I love sitting down with the images in my hands. Manipulating them with my fingers.

I take a second sip of my Heineken beer. And a third.

The cats start to wake up from their afternoon nap and break the otherwise dormant room.

I look back at Lightroom Mobile and notice an album called “20.01.01 Bowie & Cobain”. I should use this moment and edit the pictures I’ve taken of them. Their youthful play reminds me they won’t be kittens forever. It’s a good thing we’ll always have the photos.

Just as Frank Ocean restarts his song for the third time, I arrive at a shot that catches my eye. It’s different. A little more… artistic?

I take the final sip of my beer and immediately get up for a new one.

I take another look at the photograph and notice how abstract its composition is. Am I even looking at a photograph of a pet? There’s a symmetry. A simplicity. A balance. And still, a story.

Bowie gets tired of running around the house and joins my editing session by laying down on my lap. I show him the photograph I’ve made of him but he doesn’t seem to care much. He’ll care more when he’s older, I’m sure.

I finish the photo set and return to the one shot that caught my eye earlier. I distinctly remember myself thinking

I should post this photo on my blog”.

mitchel lensink cat photo monologue

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