015 | Photo projects, on projects, on projects

Mitchel Lensink
Jan 15, 2021
1 min read

Photo projects, on projects, on projects. Lately I’ve been enjoying an increasing amount of ideas. It’s a blessing and a little bit of a curse. The blessing being that I now have sufficient reason to go out and shoot. A curse because I don’t know where to start. So I’m asking myself questions:

Are all my ideas good enough?

Are they worthy of a project?

Does any of that matter?

I find comfort in the thought that any of this is just practice. I explicitly choose to be patient with my work and let things unfold as they come.

All these project ideas are only to sharpen my skills. One day I’ll be ready to make or do the big things. Like an actual book. Or do some public speaking. Open a studio. Stuff like that. For now I’m just keeping my head down and focus on the work.

Come up with a project, figure out a way to structure the work, combine it, make a print or two. Stash it in a safe place for future reference.

UDPATE 21.01.17: I came across this video by Sean Tucker where he talks about the same subject as well. If you can spare 20 minutes it’s worth the watch as he explains rather well how to approach a large project that is making a photography book.

A quick peek at some of my ideas:

Viewfinder Magazine, a quarterly Zine that bundles all the images I’ve shot the past three months that I haven’t been able to find a purpose for. These images deserve to live somewhere else than a harddrive and a simple Zine is a good place to start.

Black & White Squares (name pending), where I shoot 1×1 black and white images during the course of the winter with a focus on portraying the cold. I plan on finishing the photographing part this project by March but perhaps it needs another winter to complete. The end product should be a Zine as well as some fine art prints.

The Thousand Euro Photo, a photography art project that includes the best image I can make and will be presented as an actual art piece and everything that entails. Something I’m still figuring out but will elaborate on more in the future.

That’s enough peeks behind the curtain for now.

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