345 | Quick vibe check

Mitchel Lensink
Dec 11, 2021
1 min read

Quick vibe check: how many of the goals I've set for this year have I accomplished? Let's bring up the list and results:

Goal 1: Mailing list 500 subscribers

Accomplished?: Not even close. I'm a little over 20 subscribers right now.

Goal 2: Print on Demand sales 1000 euros per month.

Accomplished?: No. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that. I guess I was trying to set some sort of horizon goal to aim for without the actual intention of reaching it. I've made a total of 70 euros doing print on demand. I'll take it.

Goal 3: Three photo projects with print end-product.

Accomplished?: Also not, I only got one, which is One Two One. I did start working on Viewfinder magazine but never made it past the early stages of sketching designs and looking for images to incorporate. I’m also still working on some sort of print product coming out of the Grebbeliniepad walk but that will probably take months, if not years, to turn into something tangible.

Goal 4: One long form story with my mate Thijs.

Accomplished?: Yes! Big time! Finally, something that worked! We have not made one but 4 long form stories this year and we will continue to make those until they collectively form a book. Wether that book is going to be digital only or in print form as well is to be determined. For now I’m just glad to have met and surpassed one of the goals I’ve set for myself.

So as a final conclusion: I haven't met most of my goals but instead focussed on a whole bunch of other things and achieved great successes with those (more on that later). To be honest, the goals I set last year would be nice-to-haves right now but ultimately seem irrelevant as well. I should set better goals for next year. More on that later as well.

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