214 | The clock doesn't tick today

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 2, 2021
1 min read

Looking at the second hand-less clock on the wall to see that it’s only 10:15 AM. I know it’s ticking slowly. It must be, right? I only get the satisfaction of watching time pass on the minute-mark though. Those fifty-nine seconds in between never seem to last as long as they do. I’m always off by margin. If anything, they take twice as long as I guess them to be. My minutes are 118 seconds long, it appears.

My eyes glaze over to the window and I notice little drops appearing. Great, more rainfall to typify the day. The empty office around me doesn’t feel liberating as it normally does. Instead, it’s an objectification of my entrapment. All my colleagues are either on a holiday or enjoying the slow pace of the down-season by taking random days off. Somebody has to keep an eye on things and that somebody turns out to be me. Why can’t I be free?

Another 118 seconds pass. Time for some music. Yes, music will enhance the mood.

Browsing through Spotify I settle for my current favourite tune; Use Me by Plaza. Never before have I been afraid to play a song on repeat endlessly. And with that I mean endlessly. I can hit play on something and only stop playing it three days later (with breaks for sleep, of course). This song by Plaza is the latest poison of my choice and enhancing the mood it did.

My general demeanour doesn’t necessarily steer away from the depressed sadness I convey but I do vibrate a little differently now. The 118-second minutes slowly turn into regular 60 second ones. I raise my adjustable desk to a standing height while tapping my right foot on the ground. A small nodding from the head on the beat as I stretch my fingers. I divert my eyes away from the now rain covered window to the screen in front of me. Let’s get this work done.

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