334 | The pandemic is a big distraction of our real issues and we're all too dumb to notice

Mitchel Lensink
Nov 30, 2021
3 min read

Rainy day. Sad, rainy day. One of those days that serve as a reminder you are living on the top half of the globe, where daylight sometimes has no power. A day on which, despite my best efforts, not even I was crazy enough to go our for a walk. No outdoor activities for me today.

Instead, it's way easier and more comfortable to lose yourself in all the different media and technologies we have. Though be careful not to look too long at any of the news platforms. It seems like there is no positive story to tell these days. Can't blame the news outlets, they just report on what happens. At least that's what I still choose to believe in.

Yes, much of the media is creating bitesized content that's focussed on generating clicks, comments and interactions. All in the name of ad revenue. But that's just a by-product of the world we all created. Just as the news is merely reporting on actual events. That's always been the order in which things happen and I choose to believe they still do. Though don't get me wrong, I see how things can be different as well.

But oh man, there is so much stuff happening now. News doesn't even have to be fabricated anymore. Everything is already outrageously sensational anyway. I mean, we are still living in a pandemic and there are no clear signs it's slowing down soon. Can you believe that? It has to be a full-blown war for anything to be more disruptive than the current situation. Is that too much to say? I don’t think it is.

All the regular people around you suddenly feel the need to get political. People are done with the whole ordeal and therefore opinionated. It's not like things will change because of the protests, but the noise can be heard anywhere. It's all very interesting and far from boring but also a little scary and perhaps boring wasn't so bad after all.

If you ask me though, this whole pandemic thing isn't even our biggest problem. I think the rapidly changing climate is something we need to worry about much, much more. That's something that can erase our whole species. All of humankind will be gone. And what are we doing? Even with a common enemy like the virus that controls our lives right now, we are stuck fighting amongst each other. Listen: we are already fighting each other. This virus thing isn't even the final boss yet, we are going in loops fighting a level three enemy when the level ten boss, the climate we’re destroying, is looming in the darkness. Just waiting to unleash it's final wrath upon us.

But back to this pandemic thing. Damn. It's so weird to me that when an external influence messes with your life, you still look at your next of kin and blame them for all the things that are wrong. It's like we can't seem to grasp the idea of being fickle little beings that have no real significance, and therefore control, in the universe and instead anxiously resort to trying to control something we think we do understand. Even if that means bringing down your own kind. Why are we debating about basic science when in the meantime we are getting closer and closer to our untimely demise? Why does any random person suddenly think they know how to ‘do research’ to ‘gain all the answers’ but then instead look at YouTube videos all day to further brainwash themselves? Why don’t we collectively agree this is madness?

But aahhhh, hey man. I don't have the answers. I'm just venting right now. Maybe I should go out and do something about it, if it all bothers me so much. And if I can't be bothered to do something, maybe I should just shut my damn mouth. Which I usually do, trust me. But not today. Today I wanted to vent a little on my own blog. Can I live? God, I hope so.

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