067 | The shape of a project

Mitchel Lensink
Mar 8, 2021
1 min read

A square? No, a more traditional shape. And then create my own design from scratch? Or should I just use the software that comes included? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a template if it improves the result.


Maybe I shouldn’t worry about the shape so much and think more about the contents. But I also want it to be perfect. Or well, not necessarily perfect but I want to give it my best shot. See what obstacles I can overcome and learn a think or two.

I guess I’m just a little scared to start actually designing the book. I don’t blame myself for that as well, I have no real skills in that area and its a whole new world I’m getting myself into. Still, it might be good practice to get an understanding of the process. How cool is it when I can create these projects all the way from start to finish without outside help?

Sure, a little collaboration gets you a long way. It probably improves the result as well. This one I want to do on my own though. No templates, no shortcuts. I just need to promise myself I make a start.

Someday this week.

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