065 | Today was a day of self-study and wandering

Mitchel Lensink
Mar 6, 2021
1 min read

Today was a day of self-study and wandering. Of the mind but also a little of the body. Though the latter wasn’t much more than a back and forth to the supermarket. I took a little detour so I think it counts.

Regarding the self-studies, I enveloped myself in Alec Soth’s Youtube channel where he talks about photography books and their meanings. It’s good stuff if you’re into that stuff and if you’re not it’s probably very boring stuff. I liked it a lot though.

It’s now time for me to bring my photos of the black and white squares project together and start designing an actual book. Alec’s videos aided my thinking quite a bit. I already ordered tiny prints of all the possible selects I’ve made and stuck them on my wall. I’ve made a few pairings and developed some ideas in the past few weeks. Today I took all of those down again and created four little stacks, thematically separated.

I’m now deciding if I want to turn this into an actual (expensive) photography book or if I want to keep things a little more simple (read: cheaper) and make a trade book. I’m not sure yet. Once I’ve made up my mind I should just create a document and start laying out the photos of which I know belong together. You know, from sticking them on the wall first.

That’s a worry for a different day.

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