133 | What’s that there in the middle, a seed?

Mitchel Lensink
May 13, 2021
1 min read

My ‘About the photo’ series has been somewhat long-winded so far but this one will be rather short in comparison. The reason for that is, I was kinda surprised when I received a push notification from my auto-publishing app. I totally forgot the post was scheduled to go out. I caught it a mere 9 minutes after it published and at that time, I could do two things:

  • Retract the post and pretend nothing happened.
  • Quickly write a story with my purest, most immediate, thoughts behind the photo.

I chose the second option.

Have you seen an ado? Not me:

What’s that there in the middle, a seed? A flower, a cabbage?? No, it’s something else. I know those things around it are flowers. Pretty ones as well. Cute little spots of color, just sprinkled over the world.

Some stretched out things as well. I’m not sure what those are. They sure have a very nice shade of pinkish red though. As a matter of fact, all the colors are such a gorgeous cohesive bundle of visual joy. It doesn’t even matter what that thing in the middle is.

Though, the more I’m looking at it, that’s definitely something that could’ve been a flower. Well, in any occasion, it’s a pleasing vignette of how pretty nature can be. What’s more to say, really.

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