219 | Bound for my second shot of Pfizer today

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 7, 2021
1 min read

Bound for my second shot of Pfizer today, I’m reading the words I’ve written at the time of the first one. It was a time where hopes and spirits where slowly though carefully rising. Looking back on that time now, just a little over a month later, things have changed in a non-trivial way.

I’m a little more disillusioned and a little less hopeful. The efflorescence that was promised will not happen this year after all and the documentary project we had planned will have to wait another year as well. We’re still collecting stories along the way but the incredible burst of energy will not happen as hoped.

It’s okay, there’s no need to be sad. There are so many other things we cannot indulge ourselves in. Like that upcoming Spain trip, that will not be an issue now, right? I guess we’ll have to wait and see again.

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