125 | Feel the warmth

Mitchel Lensink
May 5, 2021
1 min read

I let myself go in a daydream and emerged with a deeper understanding of the layers in life.

As fas as ados go, you will not find one here:

Feel the warmth. Interesting.

How can a photo that feels so cold, radiate such hope? Such sensations of solidarity. Everything about this shot screams winter, wind, ‘it’s about to rain, please get inside!’ and other gnarly things.

But still… I can feel the warmth.

At the very least, I am sure the glowing feelings inside me originate from the sign. You know, the actual words that are displayed. The message that is being conveyed. It can’t be anything else. But how can those simple letters overpower the strenuous elements of the otherwise ghastly photo?

Perhaps it’s a little more than just the words. As if the reason why they are there plays a part as well. I mean, somebody bothered to put that sign up there. Somebody believed in this message enough to go through the arduous task of mounting these heavy letters in such a matter that they mean something.

Perhaps it’s a signal of hope. A reason to believe in things, still. If somebody believes this message is important enough to display on the side of a building, in an otherwise uninspiring environment, then we are not at all lost.

Through all the darkness and the cold, we can still feel the warmth."

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