126 | I spent my entire afternoon on the following

Mitchel Lensink
May 6, 2021
1 min read

I spent my entire afternoon on the following:

  • Installing the bottom bracket on my bike. I almost got it all the way there but I do really need that special tool they talked about. Shame, though not to worry: it’s just an additional ten or twenty coins I might as well miss.
  • Exporting and uploading the full resolution photos of the prints I sell in my webshop. I keep them on a separate folder in my photography archive so I can access them anytime. Somebody places an order when I’m not near my computer? No problem, I sent the photo link over to the lab and they can get to printin’ right away.
  • Finishing up the product photography of the One Two One book. More on that later.
  • Organizing the product photos of the things I am making in coherent and systematic folders on my hard drive so I know where I am keeping things.
  • Drinking a quadruple craft beer while typing this as a reward. Excuse any spelling errors.
  • Dwelling over if I should commit to English or American spelling for my writing. It’s been all over the place so far and I need to make a decision some time. Not today though.

This all might sound very boring but it’s been soooooo good to get done. A few of these things have been on my mind for months now. I’m happy to move onto new things. New phases. New ideas.

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