356 | I'm nervous because the end is near

Mitchel Lensink
Dec 22, 2021
1 min read

I'm nervous. The end of the year is near. That means I feel like I'm running out of time again. As if I have to get everything done before the year comes to an end. It's a fool's thought — after the last day of this year there will simply be a first day of the next year. It's all semantics. A day is a day and another one will always come. Until it doesn't, of course, but in that event none of this will matter much anyway.

Some updates: the redesign of is taking shape nicely. We're going live tomorrow. Remember when I was exited about the first steps we took towards executing this idea? That seems like such a long time ago. Almost a year it has been, actually.

In other news, I'm starting to get bored with shooting photos in Amersfoort again. I'm sure that'll change soon enough but in the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to do more of my walks outside of town as well. Perhaps I can explore Amsterdam a little better. That's a pretty city — a world famous one as well — and I live so near it. It's a waste to not utilize that. I'm thinking: take the train to Amsterdam Central Station and simply walk to any of the other train stations the city has. I'll do my first walk in January, I suppose.

Furthermore, we've been on the third (or something) lockdown for about half a week now and I haven't done anything with the opportunity it presents. Perhaps I should explore some places that are otherwise more crowded with people and see if I can use this situation to my advantage. Maybe I'm expecting too much though.

Finally, I stared at my screen for quite a while before typing these words. Couldn't figure out what was interesting enough to share. I'm happy I now shared the uninteresting stuff as well.

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