055 | It’s 18 degrees Celsius in February

Mitchel Lensink
Feb 24, 2021
1 min read

It’s February 24th, 18 degrees Celsius, and as a true Dutchman befits, I’m sitting on my balcony in a t-shirt. I don’t need much distraction from that right now. Which means I don’t want it. I’m ordering in tonight. Sushi, because why not?

I just finished a podcast about investing. I’m almost ready to take the plunge. Or maybe not almost, but I feel like I’ve made some progress. I cleaned the house, which means I vacuumed it. That counts as cleaning in my book. Okay, maybe I wiped off some things as well. That counts even more.

The extra prints I ordered for my project have been delivered as well. That counts as progress in my book. I tried to read a book but couldn’t be bothered enough, apparently.

On a final note, maybe I shouldn’t start my sentences so much with the word ‘I’ but then again, these are my thoughts on my website. I can do whatever I want.

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