Dialogue (Blauwdruk exhibition)

For my second time participating in the group-exhibition 'Blauwdruk 033' in my hometown, Amersfoort, I wanted to do something special. I'm bringing my monthly newsletter from the digital, to the analog space.

Mitchel Lensink
Sep 3, 2023
6 min read

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For my second time participating in the group-exhibition 'Blauwdruk 033' in my hometown, Amersfoort, I wanted to do something special. Because this was the 10-year anniversary edition of Blauwdruk, which allowed me and all other past participants to join again, I felt like I should show my growth since the last time I participated. Last time, I presented my first long(er) term photography project, The Silence Around. Since then, I started a monthly newsletter, did a couple of other photo-projects, and published my first book. A lot of changes! How do I present all of that in this exhibition?

Dialogue, but then offline

After some thought, I realized I could not ask people to look at all my work at once. But there is one place I use to highlight all these accomplishments and new endeavors: my monthly newsletter Dialogue. My goal was clear: convert as many visitors of the Blauwdruk exhibition to newsletter subscribers. But how do I do that?

The best way to make people excited, I think, is to simply show them a snippet of what I am doing each month. The photo essay I made during my visit to the Greek island of Karpathos would be the ultimate subject. It highlights my photography, while also being presented in a story-like manner that should allow for an easy first introduction. Plus it has a nice travel element, which always speaks to people's own imagination and wanderlust (we all have a little bit of that inside us, I think).

The plan

Just a single image, printed out relatively large, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag paper (my favorite), which is part of a diptych of which the other one can only be seen in my online store, accompanied by a physical Field Guide that I will hand out for free to people that seem interested enough in my work. All I will have to do is stand next to my work all day and chat people up as much as possible. A little unconventional for a museum exhibition? Perhaps. But that's what makes you stand out against the crowd. Hopefully. Plus the newsletter is called Dialogue for a reason. Like, come on now.

The goal here is to have people experience my work firsthand, while also getting to know me as a person a little bit. The big print should be the eye-catcher, the little zine the physical object that they take home to keep me in their memories. So yeah, I'm only sharing one story but I'm still doing a lot here. For posterity, I'm adding the Field Guide below, as well as a PDF version that you can download. Free goodies. Always nice.

Online Field Guide

Did you miss out on a physical copy of the Karpathos in between Field Guide? No worries, you can view the online version below or even download a PDF version at the bottom of the page to make your own copy.

What is a field guide?

A field guide is commonly used by birders (meaning, people that spot birds as a hobby) to identify bird species in the field. For photographers, the situation is a little different and is often a work in progress-type document, usually made during a project. This means there are inherently unfinished by nature, and instead aim to give people an idea of a photographer's work. Photographers typically take Field Guides along with them when re-entering the field to show their subject and other inquirers what exactly they come to do. A field guide makes it easier for the photographer to do their work because they don't have to explain it to people, they can simply show them.

If you enjoyed this story then you might also enjoy my monthly newsletter under the same name.

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Free PDF download

Download a PDF of the Karpathos in between Field Guide below, for free! While the content are the same as the online version above, the PDF allows for endless preservation and even, if you want to, make your own print version.

P.S. this PDF is best viewed in the two-page mode of your PDF viewer of choice. Some images are spreading across both pages and it doesn't make much sense viewing those in Continous Scroll.

Buy a print

Having launched the online store only a couple of months ago, I wanted to use this Blauwdruk exhibition to not only convert visitors into newsletter subscribers, but also bring some attention to my store in the process as well. Who says you can't hit two birds with one stone?

The framed version of Dialogue has since been sold (yay!) but the open edition prints remain available, both as a single print (pick your favorite) or as a diptych (which is my favorite).

Dialogue Fine Art Print

Dialogue is available as a single print (pick your favorite!) or as a diptych. The framed version of Dialogue was exhibited at Blauwdruk 2023 and has since been sold.

Buy a print


I need a conclusion because otherwise this would end on such an impersonal note. So I guess the question is: did I succeed? Heck yes I succeeded! All the Field Guides were gifted to the people that took the time to engage; the truly interested, if you will. I added several dozens of subscribers to the newsletter, and I sold multiple prints in the process. A-mazing. 10/10 would do it again.

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